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INITIO® system uses digital electronics to control energy that discharges into an electric motor through state of the art power modules, combined with algorithms and signal processing developed specifically for this application.

It also couples with a battery charger capable of recharging a 6 Kw pack (more than 100km city range with a motorcycle) in approximately 1 hour, plugged into a standard, home outlet. This charger pairs with a battery monitoring and management system, that senses and balances each of the cells, providing a long lifespan and better performance to the entire system.
Possible applications:

Traction systems for transport vehicles:
Motorcycles, cars, light utilitary trucks, buses, trucks.

Traction systems for recreational vehicles:
ATV’s, boats and power boats, go karts, quadcopters and other personal flying vehicles, race cars and motorbikes, child recreational vehicles.

Traction systems for industrial hardware:
Servomotors and drivers for CNC machinery, systems for eolic and hydrogenerators , robotics.
SP35000 CNC Servo press
Precise CNC position, speed and strength control.
Posibility of programming repetitive, different  jobs via USB and store them in memory.
No oil, no compressed air. Replaces traditional mechanical and hydraulic press.
RETSA leads the way combining its INITIO® propulsion
technology with exhaustive engineering and design
processes, creating VOLTU®, a brand specialized in fully
electric motorcycles.
SMARTWHEEL is an electric assisted pedaling system for bicycles. Automatically detects and assists the rider when pedaling, reducing the effort almost a 100%.